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It's beginning to smell like Mother’s Day...

As Mother’s Day approaches, I am reminded of the cherished memories my mom, Sue and I once shared. Our most special times together involved heading to local farmers markets, craft fairs and holiday bazaars where mom would setup her pop-up of handmade soaps, lotions and body butters. I always knew mom was working on a new batch of goods when the timeless aroma of Lavender would permeate from the kitchen. Mom’s products were beautifully ornamented with bows of twine and hand painted tags and wrapped with colorful tissue papers. Mom’s attention to detail taught me that presentation is just as important as the love and attention that is put into creating something unique to be treasured.

Handmade items are truly one-of-a-kind and can be appreciated for the artistry behind crafting something that was made just for you. There is a story behind each creation and its one you actively take part in with the artist. Mom would have told you her story was about the love she had for helping people understand the benefits of holistic remedies and more natural choices. After all, mom was a biologist and a “plantsman” at heart who would give you a natural prescription of what ailed you if you leaned in with your ear.

Never would I have imagined myself to follow in moms’ footsteps a decade later. My handmade story starts with the same thread of love as mom had for her creations. Crafting collections of hand-poured candles not only keeps the essence of mom’s spirit alive, but also allows me to share with you my love and experiences with South Texas. Blending small batches of natural soy wax with nostalgic aromas of seasonal native flora and notable valley produce is only the beginning of my candles journey. Once you take a handmade creation home, you are the one who gives it life by creating its narrative within your sacred space- it becomes apart of your story too.

It’s my hope that you find in our collection a timeless treasure that will be a new memory that you and your mother can share together.

- Marcie Anguiano

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