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Mission Crafts Reviving Historic Local Brand

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A handful of Bustillo family members were artisans at San Jose Pottery

San Antonio, Texas - In 1977 an era ended when Mission Crafts closed its doors within the walls of Mission San Jose. The tile and pottery studios were the creation of Ethel Harris whose work impacted the aesthetic of San Antonio in the early-to-mid 20th century. Beginning in 1931 as Mexican Arts & Crafts (MAC), then San Jose Potteries and finally Mission Crafts, Harris’ distinct style led a local arts and crafts movement.

Opening this week, in the same historic neighborhood, Mission Crafts Chandlery revives the spirit of Harris’ vision that left the community nearly 44 years ago. However, this time it will carry the story of the artisans who worked in the pottery, feature unique locally made Mission themed gifts and will interpret her style through custom niche fragranced candles.

“Local Misioneros (people of mission family descent) were employed at the studio and helped paint and fashion the clay tiles and pottery,” states Marcie Anguiano, founder of Mission Crafts Chandlery. “The whole operation was mostly led by women and demonstrates craftsmanship, entrepreneurship and most importantly created artistry that was unique to our local culture.” As for the artisans, they are part of her family’s history and will be featured on the walls of the Chandlery.

“The Missions and South Texas have unique auras that inspire us and candles add a spirituality that is evoked from our historic churches. We want to transport and remind patrons of these special places,” says Anguiano. Exclusive collections featuring the World Heritage Missions and South Texas wildflowers will be available in store or online. Custom work and wholesale is also offered.

Additionally, local artisans can be found in the quaint shop. Pottery, artwork, decorative items and a growing collection of San Antonio Mission inspired and South Texas arts and crafts adorn the shelves.

“My hope is that our shop ignites and contributes to a local Mission arts movement,” concluded Marcie. The store is located at 2915 Roosevelt Avenue, San Antonio, Texas 78214 and will be open Thursdays and Fridays from noon till 6 PM and Saturdays and Sundays from 9 AM till 4 PM. The store is always open online at


Originally created in 2017 as an online store MissionShoppe.Com by Marcie and husband Andrew Anguiano, the couple was inspired by their deep rooted history and connection to Mission San Jose. In 2019, Mission Shoppe began doing pop-ups and in 2020 the company pivoted to Mission Crafts Chandlery after discovering that the name would be more appropriate for their vision. Marcie led the transformation and realized her artistic gift passed on to her by her mother, a local artisan, Sue Fowles. Marcie’s ability to create exclusive fragrances and style sense is evident in her hand poured artisanal candles and merchandise in her boutique. Visit for more information.

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