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San Antonio's Favorite Summer Flavors

Summer is here and if you live in San Antonio, Texas (or have visited) you know that means one thing - it’s sizzling hot! It is also the perfect time to enjoy some refreshing, cold treats that are unique to this part of the world and our beloved latino culture. I have many childhood memories indulging in popular South Texas sweet delights during the summers such as grabbing a magonada (tropical mangoes doused in refreshing lime juice, dressed in chamoy chili powder, salt and sugar) at the corner fruiteria after a long day at play or enjoying an icy piccadilly (cherry snow cones topped with pickles and chili powder) with my dad when he would take us to the local raspa stand on sweltering afternoons.

Although icy treats are the number one "go-to" in beating the heat, I would have to say that second runner-up would be a savory sweet cup of fresas con crema (seasonal strawberries topped with cold, fluffy cream). As an adult, I still turn to my childhood favorites every now and then to quench my cravings, but my summers wouldn’t be complete without a frozen margarita decorated with my favorite cerveza (beer) and a fresh twist of lime. If you're living in the 2-1-0 then you know your summertime flavor is always Puro San Antonio!

These South Texas summer treats are the inspiration behind our latest Velas Chulas wax melt collection. These fresh, fruity, airy scents are sure to add a touch of summertime in San Antonio to your home. Just pop on top of your wax warmer and let the aromas take you away to the good times.

Click here to view our additional Velas Chulas scents or stop by the shop to sample the collection.

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