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Scent Memories from Autumn in Texas

As pumpkins and scarecrows begin to pop up and the summer heat starts to slowly taper off into crisp and cool air, we are preparing for our busiest and favorite time of year – fall! I have been experimenting at the chandlery with pairing familiar seasonal aromas such as cinnamon, vanilla, clove and cedar with oils such as bergamot, jasmine, lavender and coriander to create my Texas Trail Ride fall candle collection.

The inspiration behind my Texas Trail Ride collection comes from my own fall experiences in Texas such as family trips to Garner State Park. That experience has given me rich memories of the area in autumn such as the fresh air filled with the scent of pine, glowing sunsets, fall foliage everywhere I looked and the smell of vanilla peach cobbler cooking in a Dutch oven over a campfire. The peppery and sharp smell of intricately designed leather saddles on the horses out there also has stuck in my scent memory.

We spent many fall days as well right here in San Antonio on the Mission Trail by Mission Espada surrounded by pecan trees. We would bring our buckets and gather the pecans by the handfuls to tote back home. The earthy aroma of the shells and sweetness of the nuts would fill our kitchen.

Each candle in the Texas Trail Ride collection has a profile with scents that are dramatically different from one another but blend together beautifully to please the nose:

Cowboy Campfire: vanilla, cardamom, cedarwood, clove

Pecan Orchard: cinnamon, maple, jasmine, cypress

Branded Saddle: coriander, sandalwood, rose, leather

Lonestar Sunset: tea tree, bergamot, lavender, musk

Texas Trail Ride: fir needle, vetiver, camphor, patchouli

I can’t wait for you to experience my newest collection. Stop by the shop or visit us online anytime. Shop hours: Fridays (12p.m. to 6p.m.), Saturdays (10a.m. - 4p.m.) & Sundays (9a.m. - 3p.m.)

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