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Scent Profiling: It's Where It All Begins

When I first started Mission Crafts Chandlery I wanted to design truly unique candles with unique scent profiles. Scent profiling is similar to composing music - individual notes are combined to create a musical score. When it comes to scent profiling, fragrances are fused together to build a profile blend that contains a top, a heart and a base. The top is the first scent that touches the nose followed by the heart and then the base, which is the aroma that blooms and lingers as the candle burns.

I turned to the missions themselves for inspiration and I created my scent profiles based on the characteristics of each individual structure and my interpretation of their unique personalities. Each mission has its own individual charms and each is surrounded by lush terrain. These rich elements such as limestone, frescoes and wooden accents are the basis of inspiration for my scent profiles. For example, my scent profile vision for the Concepción Inmaculada candle was sparked by the purity of the immaculate conception and the profile contains gardenia, tuberose and lily of the valley to symbolize the essence of Mission Concepción.

Come visit us at the chandlery to experience our collection of scent profiles. We are open Fridays 12 pm - 6 pm, Saturdays 10 am - 4 pm and Sundays 9 am - 3 pm. We are also often out and about at local markets. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates!

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