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Sticking Together- Why We Love Succulents <3

Succulents are all the craze these days and it seems like they are found in every home and garden lately. But, what exactly is it about these lovely plants that make them so popular?

This group of distinct plants come in a variety of unique shapes, interesting textures and an array of vibrant colors and are characterized by their plump leaves that are stored with water. They love soaking up the sun and require minimal care as they can handle the heat of hotter climates making them the perfect symbol of warmth and summer. Their charming style can be complimented by an assortment of creative containers and can be matched to spruce up and add freshness to just about any home space or garden.

Join us Friday August 19, 2022 at 6 pm for our Summer Succulents: Candle Making Garden Party where we will take the design of the succulent and combine it with the warm ambiance of a candle. Class to be held at Peace x Piece Connection and workshop participants will learn how to make their own succulent garden candle from start to finish in a cute clay pot.

Picnic snacks will be provided and participants are welcome to bring their own bottles of wine and beverages. Click here for tickets and use code GARDEN for 10% off your purchases. Click here to get your tickets before they sell out - Can’t wait to see you there!

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