Inspired by the Virgen de Candelaria, Patroness of the Canary Islands, our exclusive San Fernando insired soy candle was crafted with inspiration from the grandiose statue of "Our Lady of the Candle" which stands as part of the beautiful Retablo in the Cathedral Basilica of San Fernando de Bexar, San Antonio TX. With her emerald green gown adorned with gold embelishments, the ornate color scheme is captured in an aromatic experience of Palm, Strelitzia (Bird of Paradise), and Smoked Oud. Candelaria's rich fragranc profile is reminsicent of the earthiness of the island of Tenerife blended with the complexity of lush fabrics.


100% natural soy candle. 8.5oz, cotton braided wick, within green and gold vessel polished off with black metal lid.


About La Virgen de Candelaria:


La Virgen de Candelaria is a treasured gift to San Fernando Cathedral from the government of the Canary Islands, in honor and recognition of the 56 Canary Islanders who arrived in 1731 and founded San Fernando de Bexar Catholic church and a village that in time developed into the Cathedral Basilica of San Fernando de Bexar and the City of San Antonio, respectively.

candelaria candle