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Raíz Profundas - Deep Roots

The Missions of San Antonio, Texas are mysteriously breathtaking as they outline the river trails with their grand limestone silhouettes. They stand as a testament of prosperity, cultural endurance and remind us of how far we’ve come from the sacrifices of those who came before us. In our community, we are connected by the stories that lay behind each stone placed by ancestral hands- tales to be remembered.

Mission Crafts Chandlery was born from not only admiration of the beauty surrounding San Antonio’s beloved World Heritage sites, but in effort to tangibly preserve Spanish-Texan culture with charming Mission inspired home decor. Every treasure in our collections were discovered with intent to give our shoppers more than a novelty. With passion and purpose, we are sharing pieces of a legacy with you to welcome into your special place. To us, home is where the story begins.

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