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Crafting with Care: Mission Crafts Launches Candles for Causes Community Give Back

Candles for Causes was born out of inspiration from our founder's mother, Sue Fowles, who was a master crafter with a big heart. Candles for Causes focuses on giving back to causes that are inspired not only by the cause Sue cherished in her life which were charities focused on animal welfare, but also those which encompass her being. Sue was an artist, environmentalist, avid reader and a mother.

In honor of Sue Fowles, Candles for Causes will select one charity per month that focuses on areas of animal welfare, the arts, women and children, and mental health. Mission Crafts will donate 20% of all proceeds raised on a charities designated day within the selected month.

Mission Crafts will design a special candle vessel where your patrons and our customers can come design their own fragrance in the selected vessel. Customers also have the option to order a pre-made vessel online with a scent designed just for your cause. Proceeds donated are from the total sales of all products sold at the end of the designated day.

Interested in applying for your nonprofit to be considered for this give back initiative? Please click the button below:

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